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unpublisheddiary asked: I love the advise you give, it's all so reassuring and puts a smile on my face. I just wanted to share my story! I met a guy on Facebook around this time last year, problem is he was stationed in Guam for the navy. We kept in touch talking on and off all year each doing our own thing. He came to visit his family in December and asked to meet me too. It was the most amazing funnest time I've ever had with some one he was a complete gentleman and we shared our first kiss on 12:00 New Year's Day.

(Cont.) We hung out about 4 times during his visit and it was a little hard I say goodbye since he had to go back to Guam. He said he’d love to see me again next December if we kept in touch. So far we’ve messaged here and there and he sent me a super sweet message for my birthday. Getting random messages is exciting and I can’t wait to FaceTime him soon. So for anyone in LDR or maybe you just like someone who’s far, just stay positive it helps! And ask lovely bloggers like these for advice xx

Thank you honeybun (: We appreciate your feedback love and I’m personally happy that we can put smiles on someone’s face ❤ I also appreciate that fact that you sent in your story. I’m extremely glad that your LDR is working out and that you’re happy in your relationship m’love. Thank you for the inspiration!!!! You just gave many LDR couples hope ❤❤❤


Yes, I just gave you a virtual huggie ❤❤❤


P.S. I love your url btw ;)

Anonymous asked: Me&this guy used to date in October&we've never met but he lives a couple of hours away. Were still friends&i really want something more than that again but the problem is that his dad doesn't like me and won't let him meet me... So we'd have to wait a few years before we actually meet&weve talked about meeting&stuff but idk if I should get back together with him, not meeting my boyfriend for a few years is gunna be horrible but I won't be able to like anyone like I like him..what should I do?

Major question?

What reason does his father, whom I’m assuming has never met you before either, have not to like you? Because if it’s just the fact that you two were once ldr lovers and it didn’t pan out the way you wanted the first time, then his dislike for you is irrelevant.

You two literally live hours away from each other.

Fuck meeting in a few years.

Do you like-love this guy hun? Do you want to meet him? Do ya’ll want this “friendship” to shift back into a relationship?

I’m assuming the answer to all those questions is YES.

Why not meet him? Why not get together and know each other in person?

He is miles away. Not years away. Forget his father (respect him) but forget him. If you like someone you go after them before it’s too late and then you prove all the nay-sayers…wrong.

You don’t have to wait years. You’re choosing to wait years because of one setback.

Meet him love. Time waits for no one.


  -  13 April

Anonymous asked: The anon who's 16 and her bf is 25 again, Uhm well thing is I've known him for 2 years, and we dated before. But it didn't work. But now were dating again, and yeah. I love him a lot..

When did you Mom start dissaproving? Before or after the break-up love?


Anonymous asked: Did you ever get an ask about a girl who's 16 and her boyfriend being 25 and her mom not approving?

Hmmm, not that I can remember.

BUT, we do get inboxes about big age differences.

Here’s the deal, age is just another factor that can either work for or against you when you come into a relationship. If your mother (or the person’s mother) does not approve it’s not because your relationship with the guy wasn’t meant to be, it’s most likely because she’s worried about you, the guy your dating and the relationship you two will have or have. It all narrows down to the fact that he is 9-10 years older than you. 

Any. Mom. Would. Freak. The. Fuck. Out.

Just like yours.

It’s normal.

BUT, if you really like-love this guy, don’t throw away a relationship you’re happy in, or could see yourself becoming happy with just because your mother doesn’t approve right now. If you’re committed. He’s committed. You two are serious and in love-or strong likeness, she will grow to love the relationship (unless she’s completely against him).

Look at the age difference from your mother’s POV. Would you, a however old your mother is, as a mother allow your daughter (who is most likely still in high school) date a MAN, not boy, who is 9-10 years older than she? Who has more sexual and life experience than she has? Who quite possibly has done a lot more than he initially lets on in his lifetime?

Probably not.

You would have your questions, comments, opinions and you’d damn sure have your concerns.

The best thing for you to do would be to give your mother the chance to get to know the guy like you are doing BUT be careful. If this is an LDR and you’ve never met him in person, because of the age difference, be careful. Don’t do anything you feel could backfire on you later on in life.

Your mother has her reasons for not approving.

Age difference can matter a whole lot or it can’t.

You have to decide that. But in the meantime, respect your mother (first) and your relationship (second). You only get one mom. There are plenty of partners out there.

Just have an open mind, stick to your decisions and get to know and dig a little deeper into this guy (get to know more about), mkkay?



Anon: The anon who’s 16 and her bf is 25 again, Uhm well thing is I’ve known him for 2 years, and we dated before. But it didn’t work. But now were dating again, and yeah. I love him a lot..

Me: When did you Mom start dissaproving? Before or after the break-up love?


Anonymous asked: Hi, I've been in this ldr for over two years and am extremelyyy grateful to live in the same time zone as him but just when I think this distance of different countries can't possibly become more heart wrenching it always does. If all goes well we'll be able to finally meet next summer but that's still over a year away. I know we'll survive until then, and after, considering everything but is there any way to make it slightly more bearable in the meantime? The longing and pain is unreal. Thanks.

Don’t think about all the negative things, focus on the good things that are coming up. Focus on getting to see him next summer and always remember that you are going to see each other and soon the summer will be here and you will be getting ready to see him.

Anonymous asked: My long distance bf are meeting this summer, I live in america and he lives in the uk but none of our friends or families know about us and we're pretty much meeting in secret, we are going around europe for almost two weeks and I've already booked my ticket and we're still trying to sort it all out and we're going to tell oue families we met while travelling around europe cause we don't think they'll really like the idea of us meeting online but I also am having second thoughts about it (1/2)

Anonymous asked: Because I'm scared that I won't really feel comfortable around him or that we simply won't get along at all and we'll be stuck having to share a bed for that time and I'm also really nervous about meeting for the first time cause I think I'll just mess everything up and tbh I just am really worried we won't work together and it will be completely different to how it is right now and I don't want to have second thoughts about it but I am :/ oh and he's 18 and I'm 19 btw if that matters

Everyone has their what ifs when they first meet a person, rather its a stranger or a long distance boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s always scary to meet for the first time. But if you just look at all the negative you won’t see all the positives. Like you and him could have an amazing and wonderful time and be together. Focus on all the good things that will come out of it and keep your mind on that. Be excited that you and him are going to meet and have time to spend together. Don’t worry about the other things, everything falls into the right places. 

Good luck 


  -  30 March

Anonymous asked: Im moving 38 hours away in 4 months and my boyfriend and I have been together for a little over a year and we see each other every day. Since I found out im leaving I've built walls in our relationship. Its killing me and I dont want them there. I love him so much and he loves me and we want to be together but we need help at the long distance thing when it comes up. How to I let my walls down so that I can have an amazing 4 months with my love?

Stop worry about leaving, don’t think about the what if’s and always remember you have a great boyfriend and anything is possible when you work at it and you really care/love a person. Think about all the good times you and him can be having, just let the walls falls. Because even long distance won’t stop you and him from loving each other. 


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