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Anonymous said: I've started falling for someone a few states away from me and we share mutual feelings. However, I just got out of an abusive long distance relationship a few months back and am a little scared of getting in a new one. I really like this girl and she likes me, but I don't know what to do. Any advice?

Never be afraid to do something, one bad thing doesn’t make it a hopeless case. Yes people are cruel but there are those very speical and few people that understand and are different from those who were cruel to you. You will never know until you try, you can’t let fear get in the way of making a choice, even more so if it involes are relationship.Yes someone did something really stupid and yes it feels like you are paying for it. But that’s the thing, you don’t have to pay for it. If you really think she could be a great girl then, take it slow and get to know each other a little more and don’t put presure on yourself, but put it in an understanding that you both want this relationship to happen.

Best of luck

  -  29 July

Anonymous said: I told my sister about my recent LDB and she said "oh yes of course your 'boyfriend' haha" and I asked her why and she said "because you're no going to be able to see each other. You haven't kissed.nThat's not love it's stupid as hell!" And now i don't know that to think... My bf and I just turned 15, are we too young or something? Is it really stupid to keep with the relationship? I'll be able to see him at least every year. I think I really love him and he loves me too. What do you think?

What people seem to never understand, is that relationships are more then just seeing each other and kissing. Just beacause you don’t seem him pysically, doesn’t make it any more or less a relationship. It’s a proven fact that people with long distance relationship are closer when they do see each other, then in state relationship. So no it’s not stupid to have a long distance boyfriend.


Anonymous said: My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 months. We text everyday and video call when we can. I'm in love with him and it hurts. Sometimes I think about him holding me and I break down and cry at the thought. Is there any way to make it easier?

The only way that would make it easier is knowing, that you two will have those times together and they will be even more speical because of the wait. Always think about the possitive side of things and don’t let all the negative get you down. Something are a lot more speical when you have to wait.


Anonymous said: I just got back from visiting my boyfriend who lives 4000 miles away and I am having a hard time dealing with the sadness. I am just so sad and I miss him so much. We will see each other again in a couple months but it is really hard. Any advice on how to cope with it?

You focus on the thought that you are going to see him again soon, keep busy with everyday things and continue to talk to him as normal, communicat your feelings to him and just stay possitve. Because nothing will come of it, if you focus on the sadness of it all. Think positive, and remember it’s just a couple a months away, before you can see him again.

Good Luck

Anonymous said: So on vacation I met a guy unexpectedly and we went out on a few days after and clicked instantly. I told him I was leaving after a few days back to home which is 6 hours away from where he lives. Ever since I left we have texted, called, and skyped every night. We almost made it a routine and neither of us thinks its an effort to do so. I have never done a LDR before. I feel like it's leading up to this but should I go for it if it feels right? I'm just scared since this is all new to me.

The only thing that is diffent about a long disance relationships is simply, you knowing that person on more of a emotional level then you would pyshically. There is nothing wrong with a long distance relationship, it takes as much effort to make the relationship grow as it does, if you both were in the same town. If this guy is good for you, you might as well try. Because you will never know if you don’t at least try.

Best of luck


Hey guys I haven’t been here in forever. I was in a bad situation never got to come on much. I still won’t get to come on much. So I am leaving the blog. The time here was great. I learnt a lot of things to help me with my relationships. Either from the advise my friends and I gave or just from the experiences you shared with us. I will miss all of you. To be honest although i was gone so long. I am actually sad to be leaving. I love you my LDR faithfuls.

Before I just want to share an experience of my own with you. Recently I was in a LDR myself. It was great. I loved her very much. Even to this day. But I was a child in how I dealt with my relationship. I had some family issue on the type of relationship I was in. Because I didn’t know how to deal with the issue. I broke up with her. A couple weeks past and every day all I could think of was what a fool I was for braking up with her. I wan’t to make it right but the only way to do that was change it from an LDR. I know that my current situation wouldn’t allow me to fix it. So I did the next best thing. Take my seat in the friend zone with her.

Guys please don’t get the wrong impression from my next advise. Meeting your soul mate online is possible. Falling in love over the internet can happen. Your love can move far way from you without remedy to that situation. What you need to do is weigh the emotional toll it can take on you. If you are strong enough to handle it stick it out till you can be together. If not, do not force yourself into the relationship.

Love is love no matter what. Whether its near or far. LDR or Not. You make it what you want. I wish you all the best.


Anonymous said: Hi, I've been in a ldr for 7 months with a guy I have kept a friendly relationship with since we have been in middle school together. We are both 17 years old. He is here for the summer and then he will return to Maryland; I live in NC. My mother has allowed me to see him and I recently confessed to my father about our relationship. My father simply said he doesn't approve and I need to re-evaluate our relationship. I love him so much and he says he loves me. How should can we continue?

Just because some one disagrees with a relationship, doesn’t mean you should let them run your life. If you are happy and he’s happy then there is nothing to question. You make each other happy and love each other then that’s all that really matter. Your father will come around to the idea of it soon enough. If he really cares for you and loves you then he will accept the fact you are happy.

Best of luck

Anonymous said: Me and My ldr bf. were actual friends before he moved away. We kept in contact and later we decided to give our relationship a try. We have been dating for four months now and I finally told my father. My mother has been accepting of our relationship, but my father was furious. He refuses to meet my bf and refuses to support us. We are both 17 and we want to continue our relationship. How do we move forward with the opposition from my father? Also is there anyway I could get him to understand?

Relationships are tricky and even more so when a family memeber doesn’t accept it. But the thing about having a relationship is that it’s between you and him. I know family is importient but sometime, family needs a lot more time in accepting the reality of something. You are his little girl after all and dad’s are never ready to accept the fact their daughter is dating a guy and that they’re not the only guy in their life anymore. Basically what I’m saying is that your dad will come around to it, just makes sure you communicate to him that you are happy.

Best of luck

Anonymous said: Me and my boyfriend knows each other from my rl friend's group. We all talk on skype group call with few more people and he starts private chatting me. As of now we have been in a relationship for 4 months. He means the world to me already, but the problem is we lived 9000+ miles away from each other. Basically, the opposite side of the world. The cost to see each other is so high and both of us are not financially independent.. Idk I just really feel like sharing this

There is more to relationships then pyscial aspects. Initmate relationships have many levels and one of them being able to communicat and understand each other, look at it as though you are getting to understand each other and know each other on a deeper level and remember that there is always a silver linning to ever story. You never know an operatunity may just come your way or his way. Everything does have the right time and moment. Do don’t worry about it, think possitve and know there will always be away for you two to meet, just because you can’t see it yet. Doesn’t mean it isn’t there.


Anonymous said: Hi, I was hoping you could give me some advice. My LD boyfriend and I live in different states, and we won't have sufficient transportation to see each other for a few years. Do you think it could still work out?

It could still work out, it would give you more time to talk and get to know each other, on all levels. That will be something that helps your relationship. It simply about having trust and faith that something could work if you really want it to work.


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