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Anonymous said: I've been with my ld boyfriend for nine months. But his.. Behavior, I guess you can say, has changed. On our 8th month anniversary he refused to FaceTime with me and didn't answer for another two hours saying he forgot to answer me. just recently he accused me of cheating (which I am not) and anything I say sets him off on me and he either takes a while to reply or ends our conversation entirely. He's also been a bit meaner than usual. Am I overreacting?

He probably let some people get into his head, or he’s going through something. Some men aren’t the best communicators in the world. With the cheating thing, someone probably said something about long distance relationships having the misconception of them cheating. Let him get it, and if that means you have to ask him and him yelling. Then set some rules for both of each other and communcate with each other and see if you both can fix the problem.

Best of luck

Anonymous said: Okay I'm doing ldr with my boyfriend he lives in Georgia and I live in Michigan. He recently started school and I'm just a nervous wreck because my last relationship ended in a mess (which was also ldr) i trust him but something in the back of my mind is telling that he's cheating or doing something. I need help!!!

You cannot let the things form you last relationships, holding you back or get you thinking every negative thing about it. Your relationship now IS NOT our past relationship and you don’t have anything to worry about with this guy. Because there are guys out there that are very loyal and kind to the person they are dating no matter how far about they are, your baggage from the past isn’t what is in front you. Keep looking forward and trust that your guy cares about you and is loyal to you.


Anonymous said: When I went to camp in July I met this amazing guy. By the end of the week it was pretty clear that we had feelings for each other and we have been texting constantly ever since camp ended. He tells me loves me and wants to be my boyfriend but he lives kind of far away and I don't know if I can handle a long distance relationship. I have only known him a month so i'm not even sure how I feel about him. I'm just so worried that we will never see eachother or that it will be awkward when we do

It’s normal to worry about things like that, there are someone postives and nagatives, but the fact is, you can’t control whom you like and have feelings for, if you like the guy you might as well give it a chance, because when you do mean, you won’t even know it’s awkward. Because you will talk the same way you do when you text, or like you did when you where at camp. So what I’m saying yes there are a lot of what if’s but that isn’t suppose stop you. Just make sure you communicate with him.


  -  18 August

Anonymous said: So me and my boyfriend met at a camp in Utah. I live in New Jersey and he live in New Mexico. We have a countdown on when we get to see eachother next but after that it's going to be a three year gap until I see him again. I'm just scared things will fall apart between us. Me and him want to get married. But three years is a long time... Is it possible??

Of course it’s possible, just because you don’t get to see each other a little bit long after this time. Doesn’t mean things will fall apart, just rememeber ever good relationship is based on, wanting what is good for each other, trusting each other, being able to communicate anything with each other and understanding each other. Just don’t forget that, because the best things in life are the ones worth fighting for.


here’s the perfect song for all you spanish speakers & that are in a long distance relationship. I’m in a LDR & every time i listen to this song our hope for us to see each again hasn’t died. i miss her everyday but we never stop our little talks thru text & FaceTime. 

Anonymous said: Hey I have a song for people in an LDR whose relatives/friends don't agree with the relationship! I have this problem rn and I was listening to this song and it made me feel a lot better ! It's "Ours" by Taylor swift! Thanks xxx

  -  7 August

Anonymous said: I've been in a long distance relationship for 2 years! (I've known him for 3) were 16 now and we literally skype everyday and were so close but I don't wanna keep him a secret from everyone. I know my friends will judge me and my parents would flip out. So I know I can't tell anyone now but I'm positive we'll meet when we're 18+ but how would I even go about telling my parents? My moms pretty strict. Would you say I should wait or tell them now?

Since your mom is strict it would be best to wait, to tell them. So this way it would be better, for everyone. You can also as what they think about long distance relationships to get the feel of how they will reacted. This might help you make the choice about wanting to wait or telling them.

Good Luck

  -  1 August

Anonymous said: Note: I've never had a LDR before. My boyfriend and I are both 19 going on 20. We've been dating for 2, almost 2 and a half years. I am moving a thousand miles away to begin college, while he's staying in our hometown for 6-8 months to save money until he can relocate to where I'm living. It all sounds great and reasonable on paper, however, I'm scared. I know this little town doesn't have much to offer but I'm afraid he's going to change his mind in that amount of time. He reassures me that he

The thing about relationships is if he says nothing is going to happen, he’s right. You shouldn’t be afraid of leaving and even more so since you two will be together soon enough. The key to any relationship is knowing you can trust that person with everything. Long distance isn’t a bad thing, it will open up more intamint things for the both of you. Again always trust each other and communicate.

Good luck.


  -  31 July

Anonymous said: I've been in a ldr for about 8 months now. We are so happy with each other and even though times get hard between us we still try and patch things up. The only problem is our parents don't know about each other. My sister knows and constantly tells me to end things with him since I will never be able to see him. Me and him both really want to tell our parents about each other but I know mine will make me leave him and same with his. I'm really in love with him. What should I do?

No one can make you do anything, we can’t see the future. But if you really do love him, just start seeing how your parents would reacted to the situation. Don’t push it or put it out there all at once, just kind of get a feel for what they will say. If the relationships is good for the both of you that’s all that matter. People don’t need to be in your relationship other then you and your boyfriend.

Best of Luck

  -  31 July
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