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Anonymous said: Hi, I was hoping you could give me some advice. My LD boyfriend and I live in different states, and we won't have sufficient transportation to see each other for a few years. Do you think it could still work out?

It could still work out, it would give you more time to talk and get to know each other, on all levels. That will be something that helps your relationship. It simply about having trust and faith that something could work if you really want it to work.


Anonymous said: Hi:D well i just want to say that i have this boyfriend and we've been together for 8months nd well I'm afraid of him falling in love with someone else. Maybe there will be a new student and he'll like her :c i am really afraid of that because i love him. I'll see him next summer but i am afraid of what might come. He has this friend that's always trying to get some girl for my bf [he says he refuses] but idk i'm just afraid this time he'll fall for someone :c idk what to think or do. I love him


One thing that is most importation about long distance relationships is trust, and it sounds like to me. That he cares and loves you, I think you will have to trust him to be faithful to you. Because sometime the answer is just that is to trust and respect him. It doesn’t sound like you have anything to worry about with him. Don’t over think about it and focus on the positives of your relationship and how you will see him next summer.


Anonymous said: how tell my parents about ldr boyfriend?

There is two options you can choose from. One option is that you can just come right out and tell them. Or the other option is you can ask them, how they feel about long distance relationships and make your choice from that.

Best of luck

Anonymous said: I like S more than I like my guy but the thing is he said he wont speak to me (S) because it's not fair to my guy and is giving me time.. I feel as though I can't leave my guy because he treats me so so well and i don't know what it would be like with S.. so I was thinking of taking abreak with my guy and going up to see S for a bit... what do you think? i'm in a shit situation :(

It seems as thought you have the ‘grass is greener’ on the otherside phase. So I suppose you could go see what it is like, but remember sometimes the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence, so to speak. If you feel like you need to know, then maybe you should take a break and go see.


  -  15 July

Anonymous said: me and LD boyfriend have been talking for about 5 months. lately, I noticed his texts are getting shorter and he's making less of an effort to talk to me. so I asked him what was wrong and what he wanted & all I got was an "idk wbu" then he spontaneously told me that we should stop things because I'm "better off with someone closer to me." I don't know what to do to save everything. help. 😔

Some boyfriends always seem to think they’re not good enough, and try to find some excuse. Let him know that he is the person you want and show him that it doesn’t matter how far or close someone is. Be stubborn and show him how much you care about him. Some boyfriends just over think.

Good luck


Before we became an item, my boyfriend and I were best friends over the internet for seven years. Throughout the majority of our friendship each of us had other relationships but it was obvious to everyone but us that we had feelings for each other.  Last November we decided to give us a shot and became official. We still hadn’t met face to face but Skyped and texted all day every day. For my 16th birthday my mom asked me if I could have one gift, no matter the cost, what it would be and naturally,  I chose him. Meeting him was so freaking nerve wracking, but my god was it worth it. I was only there for four days and leaving made me feel like my heart was literally breaking. Six months later and I begged my mom to take me back and she agreed. It was even better than last time. But now I’m sitting in my hotel room, secretly hoping my mom doesn’t come back from breakfast because the thought of having to go back to only seeing him on a screen hurts my heart. Obviously I know that I’ll get over it, but some tricks on how to make it hurt less would be great. Knowing that I’ll see him again in hopefully another six months makes it easier but I can’t seem to stop crying. Any advice?

Never give up on something or someone. The best things in life are always the hardest things to get to or though. Don’t let the negative get to you, know that one day you won’t have to leave.

Anonymous said: I don't dare to tell my parents about my LDR. I'm afraid that they won't accept it or just laugh at it and think that it will go over...

If you want to know what they think about long distance relationships, then simply ask as though you where just wondering. That way you can get an idea of what they thing about the long distance relationship. Without having to reveal yours.


Anonymous said: my mom hates the idea of my ld boyfriend (i never told her he was my boyfriend, just a friend) coming over to visit this summer. we've known each other since i was 12 and he was 14. she knew of it at first and welcomed the idea of him coming over, but now that he's 18 and i'm 16 she's always making fun of our relationship and telling me what a rapist he is, and that he can't come here anyway because he's too poor. my entire life is dedicated to him im suicidal and w/o him i have no purpose. help

No everyone is going to understand your relationship. That’s not a bad thing, because a relationship is between you and him. Never let some negative things seep into your mind. He cares about you and is there for you and that’s all you have to keep in mind. The happiest people are the ones that have to fight the hardest. Never give up, because of the negative people around you.


Anonymous said: I just need help with something. I'm a female who's in a ldr with a guy and right now it's super hard. as of today, we've been together for a year and week and we've NEVER met. And I feel like we're fading.. Any advice?

Sometimes the negavtive stays longer then the possitive. Once there is an opening for the both of you. Plan a visit, sometimes you just need to be a little bit stuborn and know that you and him can work it out and be able to be together.


Anonymous said: I recently met my guy friend i had to see for 2y.We connect so good.He developed a crush on me.Hes gonna leave in 2months for 4years.We kissed and its so intense.He asked me to be his for this summer.i dont wanna lose my bestf and i want him bad too.

Make a deal that if anything ever happens you can still be friends. You never know you could both be very happy and be best friends and in a relationship. You just don’t know what life has in store for you, you just have to take a chance and see what happens sometimes.


  -  10 July
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